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Converting images with Imagemagick

Magic Hat

Often times we need to convert image files for different tasks. The Imagemagick utility is great for doing this with your terminal. I found this super helpful specifically with doing things like converting ".heic" files over to ".jpeg" etc. This post is going to walkthrough some basic commands to do that and some additional links.

The specific use case I had with this need was when copying files from my iPhone over to my MacBook. Apple stores their images in the ".heic" format which is great for storage and performance, but often times you need JPEGs or PNGs. So this is where Imagemagick really shines. Once you install imageMagick you can just run a few quick terminal commands and this task is automated.

To start with, I would first look at the site at https://imagemagick.org/index.php. I'm using a MacBoook, so I'm using homebrew to install it. This is pretty straightforward:

brew install imagemagick

Once that finishes, you can run convert your ".heic" files over to "jpg" with the following:

mogrify -format jpg *.heic

Then to remove the original ".heic" files, just run this:

rm *.heic

And you're good to go! I know this post was super short, but I just wanted to document this super useful utility. I also found this post helpful. Thanks for reading! Follow me at @AndrewEvans0102.