Morse Code

In the computer science world, Morse Code is one of those old-timey technologies that's still cool. We've all watched movies about WWII where governments send telegraphs using Morse Code to transmit messages across huge distances. We've probably also watched Navy movies where ship commanders are sending the famous "SOS" when a ship is in trouble. … Continue reading Morse Code

Using the Distance Formula with Angular

getRadarStationClosest(observationStations: {}, lat: string, long: string): string { const radarStations = <any> observationStations; let closestStation = ''; let firstTime = true; let minDistance = 0; const x1: number = parseFloat(long); const y1: number = parseFloat(lat); radarStations.forEach((element) => { // when calculating distance use the distance formula // sqrt of (x2-x1)^2 + (y2-y1)^2 // long = … Continue reading Using the Distance Formula with Angular