Rhythm & Binary

Posted on January 14th 2021
When learning algorithms one of the most difficult concepts is graph traversal. Graphs are a data structure that is composed of ...[continue reading]
Posted on January 12th 2021
Even though most of our information is getting migrated to the cloud, we still have a need for backups. About 7 years ago a coworker of mine showed me...[continue reading]
Posted on December 31st 2020
I periodically have to use SSH to connect to some remote servers I work with. I'm writing this post ...[continue reading]
Posted on October 16th 2020
Microsoft's SignalR is a very powerful technology that enables websocket connections between clients. The technology has been around for quite some time, but now with Azure its even easier to get started....[continue reading]
Posted on October 15th 2020
Redux is one of the most popular patterns that is in use in the frontend world today. You see the same pattern in not only React, but Angular, and Vue as well. Redux is very powerful as it provides a routine way that you can manage state in your applications. Moreover, Redux scales very nicely as your projects get larger. So it works great for both small and enterprise applications....[continue reading]
Posted on October 13th 2020
Setting up a home network can be daunting if you're not familiar with networking and the latest standards. This summer I went through a journey of setting up Wifi at our house to account for our work from home needs, and increased use of the internet with the quarantine world....[continue reading]
Posted on October 6th 2020
This summer, I endeavored on a few different IoT projects. Earlier in the summer, I shared my weather station project. I took some of the concepts from that, and built an automated watering system for houseplants that currently reside in our kitchen....[continue reading]
Posted on July 20th 2020
For some time now, I've wanted to build a weather station at home using a Raspberry Pi. The first project I read about with a Raspberry Pi was actually a full home weather station that a guy had built in his backyard. I remember reading about that...[continue reading]
Posted on June 22nd 2020
I was recently working with an NgRx project where I needed to use feature state in lieu of root state. Setting this up was actually really intuitive and I wanted to just document what I learned on a high level....[continue reading]
Posted on June 11th 2020
As I've been setting up my newly built rhythmandbinary.com site, I learned about the role that meta tags have in sharing on social media....[continue reading]