Rhythm & Binary

Posted on July 20th 2020
For some time now, I've wanted to build a weather station at home using a Raspberry Pi. The first project I read about with a Raspberry Pi was actually a full home weather station that a guy had built in his backyard. I remember reading about that...[continue reading]
Posted on June 22nd 2020
I was recently working with an NgRx project where I needed to use feature state in lieu of root state. Setting this up was actually really intuitive and I wanted to just document what I learned on a high level....[continue reading]
Posted on June 11th 2020
As I've been setting up my newly built rhythmandbinary.com site, I learned about the role that meta tags have in sharing on social media....[continue reading]
Posted on June 8th 2020
Recently I rebuilt this site using Netlify and Next.js and wanted to highlight some cool things I learned along the way. I was previously using WordPress, but decided I wanted to host...[continue reading]
Posted on April 11th 2020
I’ve recently been learning about React and this brought me to Next.js. After building a project with Next.js I was super impressed, and wanted to discuss my expe...[continue reading]
Posted on March 23rd 2020
In light of everything going on with the Coronavirus, I thought it might be helpful to do a short post covering different video conferencing applications. Many folks are working remotely, and it woul...[continue reading]
Posted on February 12th 2020
If you're just starting or a seasoned JavaScript developer, chances are you've heard of RxJS.RxJS is one of the most popular JavaScript Libraries that exists today. This post is ...[continue reading]
Posted on January 6th 2020
Rey after her latest restaurant adventure to our local Starbucks. I've written several posts in the past using Firebase and the AngularFire2 library. The AngularFire2 library makes using and...[continue reading]
Posted on December 6th 2019
Over the past few weeks I've been learning about ElectronJS (also known just as Electron), and wanted to write about my experiences and applications I built. In the process o...[continue reading]
Posted on December 2nd 2019
I had some time off with the holidays, and also recently purchased Canna Kit's Raspberry Pi Zero W starter kit. Putting the two together, I thought it'd be fun to do something Christ...[continue reading]