Posted on December 8th 2021
I recently ran into a situation where a CICD pipeline was breaking because of an npm dependency. This is a common issue in web development as packages become deprecated or you're forced to use an older version to be compliant with some enterprise requirements. To fix the issue I used an npm alias. I thought this was super cool...[continue reading]
Posted on December 2nd 2021
Recently I decided to upgrade my fansite over to TypeScript. This was something my team at work wanted to do with our React project, so this was a fun way to learn how to do this. In this post, I'm going to cover what I did (at a high level) and show...[continue reading]
Posted on November 1st 2021
Recently I've been learning more about Vue for Frontend projects. I also wanted to build a website to chronicle some of my woodworking projects so I could share with friends...[continue reading]
Posted on October 31st 2021
This Halloween I decided to dress up as one of my favorite Star Wars characters, the Mandalorian. I had seen several other folks create similar costumes, and we thought this year would be fun to make our own. I 3D printed the armor and the rest was a combination...[continue reading]
Posted on September 27th 2021
If you've followed my writing over the past year, you'll have seen that I've built several weather applications in the past. I love working with weather applications and the outdoors. A few weeks ago, I rebuilt my weather station at my house and ...[continue reading]
Posted on August 11th 2021
If you've done any NodeJS development, you'll undoubtedly have worked with (or at least heard) about Axios. Axios is a great package that makes making HTTP calls easy for both front and backend projects....[continue reading]
Posted on July 9th 2021
When building APIs you have several options today. The serverless framework provides a great toolset that automates...[continue reading]
Posted on June 28th 2021
Recently we had a chance to shoot model rockets on one of the warmer summer nights. This was a lot of fun and I wanted to share some fun pictures, and also some general information. If you're new to model rockets, they're great ...[continue reading]
Posted on June 15th 2021
Recently I had to do some work with HTTP cookies and wanted to write a brief post on what I learned. I've used cookies off and on for different projects ...[continue reading]
Posted on June 15th 2021
We have a set of bird feeders on our balcony that we refill throughout the year. This spring we had more birds than usual, and I thought it would be fun to try and get some pictures of them. I had been looking for an excuse to play with an ESP32 Camera Module, and realized I could build a small device that would do all of this. In this post, I'm going to share what I built and talk about some cool things I learned a long...[continue reading]