Rhythm & Binary

Posted on May 22nd 2022
I recently used Playwright on a project at work and wanted to talk about some of the cool things that it does. If you haven't heard about it, Playwright is an End to End (e2e) testing framework that was brought to you from ...[continue reading]
Posted on May 12th 2022
I recently worked on a project that used Unstated Next and wanted to share some things I learned a long the way. As a long time Redux user, I thought Unstated Next was a really cool alternative that was easier and faster to use. In this post I'm going to cover how to get started and some things I learned a long the way....[continue reading]
Posted on February 28th 2022
I've recently been seeing a lot about React Remix and wanted to take some time to learn about it. This post is going to cover how React Remix works ...[continue reading]
Posted on February 17th 2022
Recently I had some fun building a side project that needed an API. I'm a longtime fan of serverless.com, and so I went there to look at some of their examples. I had previously built a few APIs using individual lambdas, but found that you can actually build an API with serverless with AWS API Gateway's v2 setup. This allows you to run a serverless API with the popular express framework (and greatly simplifies development in the process)....[continue reading]
Posted on February 17th 2022
Recently I was building an AWS API with the Serverless platform and found a super cool plugin that lets you run a local instance of dynamoDB. This is helpful because you can run your API locally and then when its good, actually deploy....[continue reading]
Posted on February 17th 2022
Often times we need to convert image files for different tasks. The Imagemagick utility is great for doing this with your terminal. I found this super helpful specifically with doing things like converting ".heic" files over to ".jpeg" etc. This post is going to walkthrough some basic commands to do that and some additional links....[continue reading]
Posted on December 8th 2021
I recently ran into a situation where a CICD pipeline was breaking because of an npm dependency. This is a common issue in web development as packages become deprecated or you're forced to use an older version to be compliant with some enterprise requirements. To fix the issue I used an npm alias. I thought this was super cool...[continue reading]
Posted on December 2nd 2021
Recently I decided to upgrade my fansite mandalorianfan.com over to TypeScript. This was something my team at work wanted to do with our React project, so this was a fun way to learn how to do this. In this post, I'm going to cover what I did (at a high level) and show...[continue reading]
Posted on November 1st 2021
Recently I've been learning more about Vue for Frontend projects. I also wanted to build a website to chronicle some of my woodworking projects so I could share with friends...[continue reading]
Posted on October 31st 2021
This Halloween I decided to dress up as one of my favorite Star Wars characters, the Mandalorian. I had seen several other folks create similar costumes, and we thought this year would be fun to make our own. I 3D printed the armor and the rest was a combination...[continue reading]