Posted on May 4th 2021
Over the last several years, virtual assistants have become much more popular. The big cloud providers all have their own flavor including, Alexa, Cortana, and Google's Home Assistant. The technology that runs these assistants has become more accessible and easier to work with recently. The process to build one of these...[continue reading]
Posted on April 22nd 2021
If you're building React apps today, you'll probably have heard a lot of different opinions on testing. Some people swear by it, and even follow Test Driven Development (TDD). Other folks are less opinionated, but still prefer tests in categories like "unit" or "integration." On top of all of these opinions, there are a lot of different patterns and...[continue reading]
Posted on April 20th 2021
Over the past few months, I've been working on a fun side project that is for anyone that is a fan of wine. I built an Angular Progressive Web App (PWA) that ...[continue reading]
Posted on March 24th 2021
I recently used a Raspberry Pi, Python, React, and Recharts to help me in a fun experiment at my house. This post covers what I did. I also have my results and code in a GitHub repo at htts:// I've got instructions...[continue reading]
Posted on March 15th 2021
With any Frontend application, End to End (e2e) testing can really improve maintenance and the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application. E2E allows you to quickly verify changes, and also works to document features in your application. There are a few options for E2E frameworks today. Cypress is one of the newer and more ...[continue reading]
Posted on March 14th 2021
Every year on 03/14 everyone celebrates "Pi Day." This is a reference to the math number and also Raspberry Pi. I thought it'd be fun to write a short post to celebrate Pi Day. As part of my celebration, I also 3D printed a ...[continue reading]
Posted on March 1st 2021
Recently I had a fun idea for an IoT project where I could have a lamp tell me what the weather was doing. My basic premise was that the lamp would turn different colors based on conditions like Rain, Snow, Clouds, or Sun. There are many APIs that can give me forecast information freely, ...[continue reading]
Posted on February 10th 2021
When learning JavaScript for the first time, one of the biggest challenges is understanding the event loop. Unlike many other languages, JavaScript operates ...[continue reading]
Posted on February 1st 2021
Time lapse photography has been around for quite some time. With newer technology and the internet, making time lapse films has ...[continue reading]
Posted on January 14th 2021
When learning algorithms one of the most difficult concepts is graph traversal. Graphs are a data structure that is composed of ...[continue reading]