Posted on September 27th 2021
If you've followed my writing over the past year, you'll have seen that I've built several weather applications in the past. I love working with weather applications and the outdoors. A few weeks ago, I rebuilt my weather station at my house and ...[continue reading]
Posted on August 11th 2021
If you've done any NodeJS development, you'll undoubtedly have worked with (or at least heard) about Axios. Axios is a great package that makes making HTTP calls easy for both front and backend projects....[continue reading]
Posted on July 9th 2021
When building APIs you have several options today. The serverless framework provides a great toolset that automates...[continue reading]
Posted on June 28th 2021
Recently we had a chance to shoot model rockets on one of the warmer summer nights. This was a lot of fun and I wanted to share some fun pictures, and also some general information. If you're new to model rockets, they're great ...[continue reading]
Posted on June 15th 2021
Recently I had to do some work with HTTP cookies and wanted to write a brief post on what I learned. I've used cookies off and on for different projects ...[continue reading]
Posted on June 15th 2021
We have a set of bird feeders on our balcony that we refill throughout the year. This spring we had more birds than usual, and I thought it would be fun to try and get some pictures of them. I had been looking for an excuse to play with an ESP32 Camera Module, and realized I could build a small device that would do all of this. In this post, I'm going to share what I built and talk about some cool things I learned a long...[continue reading]
Posted on May 18th 2021
Recently I worked on a project that used an Azure Function to download a file. This was really unique (to me) because basically the frontend application basically just did the whole thing with a GET call. I've written many applications...[continue reading]
Posted on May 18th 2021
I've recently been working with Azure Functions and wanted to write a post on some cool things I learned. In this post I'm going to introduce Azure Functions and also talk about some fun things you can do with them. I'm going to be focused on how you use Azure Functions with Web Development specifically. So I'm looking at them ...[continue reading]
Posted on May 4th 2021
Over the last several years, virtual assistants have become much more popular. The big cloud providers all have their own flavor including, Alexa, Cortana, and Google's Home Assistant. The technology that runs these assistants has become more accessible and easier to work with recently. The process to build one of these...[continue reading]
Posted on April 22nd 2021
If you're building React apps today, you'll probably have heard a lot of different opinions on testing. Some people swear by it, and even follow Test Driven Development (TDD). Other folks are less opinionated, but still prefer tests in categories like "unit" or "integration." On top of all of these opinions, there are a lot of different patterns and...[continue reading]